Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally got to traing with the Spiders

Got all my piggy's in a row last night and went about have a descent nights rest for practice today. Haven't been out with the team for almost a month. Basically due to something coming up and me looking out for the job I have made sure I'm flying well under the radar and not sticking out. And boy was I glad I got out there with the guys.
I'm normally the youngest there but some of the guys that are waiting for their army service call up have been joining us in the mornings. So these are the elite riders and push you all the way. I tried to keep up and even though I was supposed to be doing some base riding there was no way my heart rate was going to stay in zone 2 keeping their pace. It was fun though and then we got to the business end of the training.
First up were some spin ups. We did a pyramid of 123/130 cadence just to build up some speed. This is a great exercise for me because this is one of the area's that I really need to work on. Also this is the time that most of the group is together so you get to see the new bling on the bikes and talk about the latest meanderings in the biking circle. After that is was standing intervals and after Saturday and the pace of the morning my legs were not happy with me. I pushed through and ended up with a great ride. Now all I need to to is get back into this routine.
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