Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Ride for the New Year

Went for a chilly first ride for the New Year. I have made it my mission this year to return to having fun on the bike. We also got a camera recently so I've decided to pop it into my pocket and take some pics as I trudge along. I took my regular route up to Rosh HaNikra to get the blood flowing and enjoying the fresh air.
The rocks along the coast have been carved by the Med as well as the people that have stayed in the area for the last four thousand years. If you look carefully you see my bike is inside a square hole. Square holes are not natural and these have been carved out and used in the building of the houses in the past.
The rock is pretty porous and soft so as the waves have relentlessly flowed around the rocks outcrop it has carved cavities inside. As you can see there is now a geyser effect as the water enters from below and blows spray into the air. Its not Yellow Stone but its really beautiful to see.
The weather is pretty cold at the moment because of the snow further north that was keeping my heart rate up on the the way to the white cliff's on the border. Everything turns green this time of the year because of the rain. This is also the season of flowers that seem to pop up everywhere. Once the temp drops enough the bulbs send out their green shoots and come January they start to colour the landscape.
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