Friday, January 9, 2009

No Rain No Gain

This was the view this morning, with rain coming in off the see and the sky lit up crimson in the sunrise I was not expecting such a comfortable few hours in the saddles. There's a fisherman's saying: "Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in the morning sailors warning". Well the sky was on fire and you could see the rain moving in from Gilon!
As you can see the country of four seasons in an hour made quick work of the rain trying to make its way inland. We got a few drops to keep us second guessing but after about half an hour the rain gave up and the sun started making its way through the cloud cover. Another beautiful ride with some great friends was on the cards.
We started at Gilon where Erez stays and then headed to Misgav. Not too far away and a place we knew would not be problematic with the mud. The single track somehow deflects all the water or the rain just falls right to compact the trails without making them to sticky or throwing up some mud. I did get a bit sideways on one of the rocks but other than that pretty uneventful.

I love how green it is under the tree's with the fresh pine smell. The air is clean after the rain with no humidity. If anyone ever decided to come out here I reckon this would be about the best time. At least between now and the end of spring. A few more weeks and this area will probably be covered with colour.
Erez doing a little technical beast. He makes it look easy even with his back out of joint. Both him and Yaron had brand new bikes so I was the hobo in the crowd. There flash new rides were blinding me on each passing of the sun from behind the clouds. That of course didn't stop them from throwing it down on the single track. We even decided to do "Punture" twice.
Erez riding over me, no respect!!
I'd love to say that the artist in me coming out but I actually just got a bit trigger happy. By this satge we only had the climb up to Gilon left. My arse was not happy with this much saddle time. I have not put in three and a half hours of riding like this in for a while. We kept the pace normal and still managed about 47km(29 Miles).

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