Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spring Ride

This was a great ride for two reasons: the best was that as you can see I finally convinced Mirit to head out with me, the second was that the day was absolutely amazing. This was Mirit's first serious ride so it was a big step for us. I'm hoping to keep it up with her and try and make it a weekly thing and hope that the bug bites.
Not wanting to head into the hills on the first ride we rode along the beach. We stopped as Mirit felt that she wanted to take a breather. I must say that she impressed me so much with the distance, we covered 20km(12miles) all said and done and were out there for more than two hours.
At the waters edge we took in the fresh air. The sky was clear and there was just a fresh breeze pushing us along. This might be the reason for Mirit's enthusiasm as she was not so impressed with the turn around where she had to deal with every cyclists favorite friend, the headwind. Luckily it was not at all bad but after 10km(6miles) on new legs it made the trip back a bit more interesting.

I also didn't get to kitted out and was actually under prepared because I didn't have anything to nibble on. Mirit's staying power completely blew me away as I thought we would be back home within an hour. She already loves her Kona so the bug may already have bitten. Wearing my clothing and helmet that I started riding with was kinda weird and I can tell you now that once you wear a bib going back is jsut not going to happen.
Even the water was pretty warm. This summer I definitely will make a better effort to go have a swim and even try getting my hands on a snorkel. There's also someone with a kayak on the kibbutz so may try and get on board that and see how the Med way of life really is.
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