Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneaking out

Three days since my last ride and after a string of rides I was starting to have withdraw symptoms. Mainly super grumpiness and wasted hours browsing bike porn. My trusty stead was in need of some replacement parts in the rear shock so the bike went in on Sunday. So after some TLC and my first bike orientated purchase of the year I was keen to get out and ride.
I was supposed to go out with Erez today but I just could not get out of bed. I decided to sleep in a touch and raised from the grave at seven and was off to work. I normally get to work at this time so it was great to sleep in. Apparently it was really cold and windy this morning so didn't miss that much in terms of enjoyment. Erez said that his digits were still stiff after an hour and a half behind the desk.
I realised that a midday ride would be possible if I could sneak out and that was swap lunch for a ride. When you do something different it often make the ride so much more enjoyable and may become a weekly event just because I get to skip the cold of the morning and have some light to ride in. Also a great way to spice up the day and makes the afternoon much more palatable.

I rode between the fish ponds of Maagan Michael, the kibbutz on which the factory I work at is situated. The variety of birds trying to get some cover from the wind was amazing. I even saw something that looked very badger like so just that was enough to make the ride fantastic. I was only out for about an hour and covered 20km (12.4 miles) so basically a blood mover of a ride. I was just glad to get my fix.
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