Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thats how my legs felt today. Was really just out to spin the legs to get them ready for tomorrow. Left the century challenge a bit late this month. The list includes weather, work and sickness but still not really anything of substance. So tomorrow I will attempt the century on my MTB but because of the rain and not wanting my bike looking like it did last week in the mud and the obvious reason that I want to finish the hundred I will do the ride on the road.
Today was beautiful and to tell you the truth riding the century today would have been perfect but some of us need to work. So snuck this afternoon for a quick ride just to loosten up the legs seeing as I've been desk bound the whole week becasue of a project that is going live next week.
There was a slight breeze helping me get there but the legs were pumping cement instead of blood so every turn felt like I was pedaling in water. Had the iPod in and listening to some podcasts so the distraction was welcome. All in all not a fantastic ride but at least got out for some saddle time. Been feeling super tired lately so that has also kept me second guessing whether I should go for a ride or sneak ina power nap. Normally the latter wins.
Was looking at lending a road bike for tomorrow from Erez but he said that those thin wheel and slick tires don't do to well in the wet. Thats the reason for choosing the MTB for the ride. So I will avoid mud and gain stability but in all likelyhood still get home drenched.
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