Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morning showers

Went for a swim last night. Really been suffering from lack of exercise and the sloth mode I was in was not helping productivity. Felt like a cement loader moving through the water but at least i got the blood flowing. I could feel my cells clapping their hands as I sat in the sauna and jacuzzi, I never said that it was all hard work.
During the half time of the Man United vs Inter game last night I went into the shed and cleaned up the bike. I seem to be getting some serious chain suck in the wet so will need to see what I can do about that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated so leave a comment or twitter me.
As for the ride this morning we started off cold and saw a beautiful rainbow on the horizon. Remembering something about water in the air from science class I knew we were either witnessing the passing rain or oncoming rain. Due to the fact that we were exposed to the elements Murphy chose the later. Felt fantastic getting out there and did quite a few kilometers at an easy pace.
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