Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Riding in Potters Clay

No complaints that I got out for a ride today. Just the amount of rain that fell turned our lovely hard pack into a mushy mess. I have no problem with but, quite the opposite. Seeing cross riders covered head to toe in the brown stuff gives me the urge to go sloshing through puddles. What I do have a problem with is that we do not have mud as such here. Its more the dump ground of all the pottery's of the world. The stuff sticks and does not make for interesting riding but rather grinding components.
The mud got stuck in the front fork, between the rear wheel and in the derailleurs. My chain was completely covered white the white clay and my tires went from a slender 26x2.0 to 29x5.0. Well such is life, after the first bit we decided that the little time we had would better be spent on road. So off we went to dodge between morning traffic.
Perfect morning and we almost got up to two hours on the bike. Ended up with about 30km in total so an awesome start to the day. The sunrise was amazing and everything lit up so beautifully once it started hitting the tree's and fields of wheat. If you look carefully at the photo you can see a big blob of mud stuck to my glasses. I was riding behind Erez as we were shedding the mud on the descent on the road. You can just imagine a shaggy haired doggy shaking its wet body and you'll get the image of what I was riding behind.
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