Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've taken the tortoise approach to the season. Slow and steady, more slow than steady but then again the season is changing and getting out of bed in the morning is no longer a chore. After yesterdays race I've decided to get more proactive in my training, by that I mean I will actually spend more time in the saddle than dreaming about longs rides. This has brought me around to thinking that it may be a good idea to set some targets for the year. Seeing as XC is out of the window this year I will concentrate on the marathon championships. I enjoy the longer distances as it gives more opportunity to make up for mistakes. So my main aim of the season is to win the marathon championships come October, this leaves me with a long season to build up to where I want to be. As for smaller targets I will be giving it some thought and putting them down here and trying on a weekly basis to see how far I've come.
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