Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Training

Went out for training today with the team up at Misgav. Had an awesome ride with all the guys. The weather was brilliant even though last night I went to bed with spitting from above and the thunder gods starting to get angry. Woke up to perfect weather, I was shivering before the ride but within two turns of the crank I was fine and just glad to be on the bike.
Normally after the weekend race I'm all tight and feeling the legs quite badly. I must have done something correctly after the race because yesterday I was feeling fine and today didn't have any of that lactic kickback of the weekend race. We did just under an hour of riding in zone 2/3 so that was probably another thing that helped towards loosening up the muscles and being able to talk to all the guys from the weekend.
We had some great results as a team and Oren, above, absolutely ripped up the race. He's busy training for the BC Bike Race later in the year so he has been working closely with Ofir(coach) to build up for that. You can see the results as he was stroming the weekend.
After the fun we had to do a little work, some intervals. We did 6 minute cruise intervals repeat thrice. I enjoyed these quite a bit and the last one we had a calf runnning next to us and just didn't want to stop. I even held onto him for a while but he was hauling as, not sure if he was scared or what but he balked like a crazy thing, may need to check for Mad Cow. Ended up with 25km in the saddle, which is quite a bit for a practice where we normally only get up to 18km. So all in all a great training session.
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