Monday, March 16, 2009

Its starting to get better

This morning went out for training again. After the weekends wall climbing I'm glad I got some rest in for the week ahead. Got the training program for the weekend for Ofir so its going to be an interesting few days to get me inot some sort of shape. Also finally found a partner for the Volvo Challenge so will be training full steam for that over the next few weeks.
Onto today's training though. We went out for some saddle time and not much in terms of technical stuff. An hour and a half of zone 2/ zone 3 riding with a bit of single track thrown in for good measure. Went out with some really strong guys and we were pushing it quite a bit. I must say that I spent more time in the upper limits but also feeling much better. Really just felt like continuing as the end came, thought about another half an hour but in the end realized I need to get to work.
On a final note I looked at a second hand road bike. Been given permission to look into a road bike from the minister of war and finance. I'll get it for the weekend to put it though its paces and if all goes according to plan I should have a road bike by the end of next week.
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