Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Wall Climbing

Went out for a long ride for Erez to a place called Shimshit. From there were cycled to Nazareth over a few crazy climbs. After the practice my legs were hurting and at the end of this I was done. At the end of the day we did 800m of climbing which is quite a bit for us weekend warriors. I was hoping for a bit of a easy laid back ride.
This was anything but an easy two hour jaunt to get the blood flowing. We hit a epic climb that pushed the heart rate up straight off the bat. We ended up being out there for four hours with about three hours of saddle time. Usually we like to keep the ride time quite close to the overall time but directions were a bit shocking today as we tried to make our way around.
Enjoyed it at the end of the day as good to simply get out there and ride in an area I don't normally get to. The whole place is also full of flowers after the rains that came down and the fact that its starting to warm up for spring. Hoping for a great week of riding ahead.
Erez showing me how to get it done.
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