Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Young Guns

The Financial situation has hit home an dwe're only working a four day week. Ca't say I'm to dissapointed because it means i can concentrate on some cycling. Wanted to do a little mini-training camp over the weekend to push the fitness levels up but woke up yesterday with a pain in my neck. One of those days when you wake up and one of the muscles is pinching the nerves. So didn't do anything other than wince the whole of yesterday.
Today slept in late and then got some stuff sorted out. This afternoon went out for a ride with the youngsters in the team. these guys are fast and strong. With no weight on their bodies and all the fast twitching high heart rate muscles they make the hills seem like flats. GReat getting out there with them when i can but the practice turns into a bit of punishment for me. We did an hour of zone 3 riding or should i say chasing. I basically need to keep up with guys with heart rates at least ten beats lower than mine and much much faster. It made for some interesting riding though and I managed to eventually push them a bit.
Then we had to do some uphill big gear riding. I normally enjoy this session but today it was pure pain. Glad I went up there and spoke with my Ofir about a mini weekend next week. May be better as i can get some guidance from him. Tomorrow I'm off with Erez for a trip so photo's should be forthcoming and you won't have to read the dribble.
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