Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The legs are back

For the first time this year I actually felt like I was riding without needing to worry about the legs. So far this year I've been turning concrete but this morning was a whole new animal. It might have had something to do with the three hours spent cleaning the bike last night. I reckon I need to start replacing some parts because there is still a grinding on each turn.
Went out with Freddy, Shloosh and Shaked today. They are monsters that only have one pace, fast. I really enjoy riding with them and I've seemed to fall into a Wednesday morning routine that I may just keep up for the year. Wednesdays are normally the hardest day of the week for me becasue the travelling finally sets in and I'm like a zombie by the time I get home. Well the morning ride helps get the blood flowing and gives me that boost till lunch time. Maybe need to get a pair of running shoes and go for a run at lunch time.
We went up to Rosh HaNikra along the coast and then into the banana fields. We were in a train as soon as the legs we warm. I really felt great and pulled for some long sptetches and actually outwitted Shloosh on our weekly sprint for one of the gates. Seems to have become an informally little sprint and we really winded up today with Freddy leading us out brilliantly. I jumped out as Shloosh came past and he slingshot me to the line. Grreat stuff
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