Friday, March 6, 2009

Pre-race spin

Tomorrow is my first race of the season so I went out to the course for a spin of the legs after I did the couch potato thing yesterday. Glad to get the gunk out of the system before tomorrow. I must say that I'm not as pump as usual. My lack of fitness is sort of holding me back for getting to phsyced about the race. I'm also racing in the sport category again becasue I didn't sign up for the Israel Cycling Federation. So I will get that done in the next week.
I met one of my competitors from last year also warming up. He has gone up to the Expert level now so at least I can see that there will be some new faces around. I will need to get my focus on although I'm setting my sights on the marathons rather than the XC. XC seems to have more of the shine but I like slogging it out a bit on the longer distances, gives me a bit more time to make up for any silly mistakes.
Before the ride went up the the shop to get some suppliers, oil and what not. Also replaced my rear brake pads. they were worn donw pretty badly which is another indication to me that I have not been paying much attention to my two wheeled friend. Things are about to change, spring is upon us and today was uber warm making it my first ride with just a bib and shirt.
After the rains the tracks were pretty muddy but after two warmish days and todays pre-bake the track feels like it has been laid down specially for us. So smooth it unreal which makes them really fast. Need to pay attention becasue there are some vicious rocks strewn around and the extra speed may just bring those little bald headed bastards into my path.
The ride was really easy as I only did one loop on the track. Didn't want to over exert myself but the heart rate still climbed along with the steep uphills. This little monster below they save for us right till the end. It is one where yo can make up some time and I'm hoping tomorrow to just stay with the front runners toss the coin.

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