Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mirit's windy attempt

Another longer weekend came and went. My blogging attempts have been hit and miss. Seems though that I may not be the only one as Trio has also been battling the 24 hour day. I could really manage a 36 hour day where I would be able to sleep and still manage to get everything done. Procrastination may still take up half the time but that other half would be magic. As for the real world my excursions this weekend were more layed back after the century that I managed on Thursday. Can't believe how the time flies but I'm sitting here a week away from the Volvo Challenge and I'll be doing 50km race pace. Been putting in some serious saddle time lately so hope it all pays off.
On Friday I went up with Erez to Mishmar HaEmek where the race will be held just to get acquainted again with the hill's. We did some serious climbing for the distance with a serious wall climbing effort that had me crawling along in my granny gear barely able to turn the pedals over. There was a marathon going on, 80km of off road running. Far to many hours pounding away for me. We did run into some of the runners and one was quite chatty. He had just come back from a 24 hour race in the States where he road 600km in the time allocated. Madness!!! And here he was running 80km a little while later. Either he has tons of time for training or he is naturally fit because halfway through he was not even breaking out a sweat.
The weather went sideways from there and the whole weekend ride was put on hold as we got some more rain. I picked up a new helmet for Mirit as she is keen to get more involved in the cycling so I'm more than happy to push where needed. The wind and cold were not playing along as you can see how snugly she's wrapped up. We all know how it is to ride into a head wind and this is what we had all day. All day being an hour jaunt around the fields of the kibbutz. This was more than enough for her and I was really proud that she made it all the way.
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