Monday, March 30, 2009

Serious Legs

Today was a tougher day on the bike although the last two weeks of training are starting to pay dividends. We did race simulation type training session where we had to basically try and stay more or less at race pace for an hour and a half. My mistake was forgetting to take food with but then again I needed to work off the lovely pizza Mirit made last night. I didn't bonk but the energy levels were at a minimum at the end of the ride. I started out with Oren and Erez but Oren was pushing the pace and we pulled away from Erez after two laps of the route we had planned. I tried to stay within my limits as we went up the hills and then recover on the technical stuff. The track will be pretty technical on saturday as the area is littered with single track that they normally find a place for. I enjoy the races that have some technical aspects because that basically gives the mountain bikers the advantage over the road riders that are venturing out onto the dirt. In the south where the roads are more open and the guys form into peletons that push the pace.
In the end my legs were feeling good and would have really liked to push for another lap or two were it not for work and the fact that I hadn't eaten for the whole ride so didn't want to overdo it. the fact is that it is better that I still had legs left and wasn't completely bushed. So the race this coming weekend should be a success and I'm really hoping to get onto the podium.
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