Saturday, April 4, 2009

So close

Another Volvo Challenge under my belt and this time I had a strong partner. I quickly realized that a podium finish was out of the question as there were some seriously strong riders and our slower start wouldn't push us to far up. You also don't know during the race where you are at because all the categories are mixed and there are three different length's so trying to keep track while keeping focused was out of the question.
Had a fantastic start and didn't get stuck in the masses that normally eats not only time but also energy. The legs were cold as you can't get a good place on the line and warm up. They started us off on a hill that didn't help the cold legs but after working them loose we were on our way. Our slower start was fine because it was not too slow that we fell behind but rather a leg saving pace. Had a close encounter with a ditch that "burped" my front tire but luckily the tubeless setup negated a definite snakebite and just soaked it up.
By the second lap the legs were starting to feel the pain but I was munching on Hammer Gel all the way. Started with one at 20 minutes and was planning to take one every forty minutes afterwards. I realised that the pace was high so was taking in one every half hour. This kept off the cramps but created a whole different stomach problem. Luckily they had some banana's at the water point and I got some real food down.
We were cruising at the end and really burying ourselves to make up as much time as possible. This seemed to work as we were not passed by anyone and rapidly made up some places. The laps wall to the finish line we spotted so other competitors who we thought were in the same category as us. I urged Tamir on as we cranked our way up the sharp incline. I was on the wheel of the guy in front and had just past the other rider who had slipped off his bike. I was hoping Tamir was on my wheel but unfortunately as I got to the top I realized that Tamir and the other guy were coming up together. We arrived just behind them and finished in 11th overall and four place in our category. Not a bad result and my best so far. Tamir was brillinat and I'm super happy to have found a parnter that in at a similar pace as me.
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