Thursday, April 16, 2009

Passover break

We've had the passover holiday over here in Israel so this is basically like the Christmas break in most of the western world. Had about ten days off work and have just been enjoying the time off. Wish I could say I was doing a ton of riding but that has not been the case. I did compete in a race about two weeks ago and managed to take the gold in that one. I hope to broaden out a bit but just wanted to wish everyone a happy belated Easter and Passover. Here are some pictures from a hike Mirit and I went on. If I couldn't ride at least I wanted to enjoy the outdoors!!

The area is just east of the Sea of Galilee in the valley of Daliah. An amazing place and I was already planning some return adventures to explore the mountains where you probably have the least populated area's where its not dessert. As you can see its still pretty green and the flowers are in full force. We had some rain but in about three to four weeks the whole area will be brown as this land of extremes plunges in the hot summer.
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