Thursday, March 19, 2009

Training Camp Day 1 & 2

So the session of pain started yesterday. The fact that the financial situation is looking rather dodgy at the moment we aren't working on Thursdays so I thought I would use this to get myself into some sort of shape for the year ahead seeing as I've been sitting on the tub of lard all winter. So yesterday was the first day of a four day mini training camp. Almost three hours on the bike with most of it base building. The whole point of the weekend is to get as much time in on the bike and not worry about the kilometers. So the century challenge seems like it may be put off for another week although yesterday and today i hit the half mark and seeing as tomorrow is the longest day i might just make it.
Above is Tamir my partner for the Volvo Challenge - Mishmar Ha-Emek. I've been looking for someone with some serious pace as well as marathon staying power. The pace department is set as he is the Israeli Champ for the Masters category and for stamina he did the 24 hour race last year.... solo!!! So I feel I'm going to the race for the first time with someone stronger that can push a bit when I get lazy. But back to the actual training camp.
I went up to Misgav with for training knowing that I would probably warm up with them and then move off in my own direction. WRONG. Ofir decided it would be a good idea to also do some sprint exercises with the guys and then I could continue. This was explosive and after a mini-bonk I quickly got some banana's into my system and carried on riding with Matti and Oren. Half an hour of Base riding was followed by an hour and a half of Zone 3. This was quite fun until at the end I needed to do some cruise intervals. I was feeling the legs but managed it in the end. Cool down back to the car and I was off to the shop to pick up the road bike for the weekend to test ride, and test ride I will with some serious hours.
The afternoon session was an easy ride up to Rosh Hanikra for about an hour and a half. I'm sure I could do this route blindfolded already but its such a perfect ride to get that basic low intensity ride in that I seem to turn to it more often than not. Also a great ride to get to other parts of the north that branch off. I was pedaling thorugh butter after the morning session so I just took it easy. By the time I was almost home I got so ravenously hungry I was going crazy. Got home and ate four peanut butter and banana sandwiches with some honey. Perfect to stave off that monster hiding in my belly. Tomorrow is the long day with six hours of saddle time planned.
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