Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interactive Giro

Spent the morning just vegging in the sun and enjoying the sun. Sunbathing with Bob Roll's second book on his crazy adventures. His writing style lack's that rounded edge but it makes the stories so much more interesting and reminded me of Soiled Chamois and his turkey ballz. This led me to one of my favorite pastimes, no not hopping on the bike, that would be THE favorite, but in the top ten list is browsing through YouTube looking for video's. My current searching is finding some interesting historical clips from past Giro's. I've found some real keepers and made a list.
Had a big lunch as usual on a Saturday but still wanted to get a ride in this afternoon. However between the big meal and the lazy Saturday I was in sloth mode. I lay down for a little nap but luckily Mirit woke me up and I slipped into some Lycra and did my last ride of this heavy week. Did some serious training this week and my legs were loaded. Bobke did a training camp with Lance Armstrong during his recovery from cancer and covers it in one of the chapters of Bobke II. The way he manages to paint the visual pictures of the training camp is amazing and these images joined me as I wound my way north on the quite roads. I was really just keeping myself at a base training pace and enjoying the afternoon air. Some four wheelers were messing around and beaming past me but I just shook my head and kept the pedals going. You'll have boneheads everywhere but they can't spoil the feeling of saddletime.
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