Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Roundup - 25 April 2009

This is something I've been meaning to do on a weekly basis but seems the last time I did it was a month ago. As I've been learning more and more this year, I'm taking it easier and doing things as best I can. There's no point in working myself into a spin because I can't update the blog or post somethings. the most amazing thing is that when I'm on the bike I have a million idea's and when I sit down in front of the ivory keyboard the mind is blank, clean slate. not sure how to take notes when on a ride but the the day they come up with a machine that plug's directly into the brain I'll be set with the creative juices to fill pages and pages.

This was last weeks graph, my third building block so next week will be an easier week in terms of intensity. You can see on the training days where the focus is more on quality than on quantity. We have our intensity levels up where the distance covered during these two session's pale in comparison to the others. Generally the session is about two hours and last week we had pukers and killers to make sure we remembered where our stomach's were situated.
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