Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week of Pain

This is the last week in our build phase so the pain has been ramped up to the maximum. I was listening today to the Fredcast with David bringing in Graeme Street about quality training over quantity. I'm in this mode of looking at the kilo's I do a week instead of the hours, I guess we're all a little to blame for this. I must say though that after the podcast I can happily say that my coach err's on the side of quality and pain over junk miles.
Today was no different as we entered a world of pain and blood letting from the ears. We warmed up the legs with some spinning excercises and then warmed them up even further with some tempo riding. This set us up for an interval session that build's on the pukers. We had to do six and a half minute intervals holding it at what we call zone 5. This is directly translated as blood hard work as each time the pace was slowing we had to stand a push on a bit to keep the heart rate up. This was a killer session and after three of these I just got off my bike and lay on my back in the dirt trying to get oxygen back to the limbs. I loved it. Nothing like an all out session of solid quality to get those edorphins flowing.
This evening I prepared the Binachi for her maiden voyage tomorrow and as per normal I've decided to jump in the deep end. Oren and I will spend four hours in the saddle and get some solid base training in. Looking forward to spending time on the road. The last time I went out I really could feel the legs coming on as the the kilometers melt under the slicks. I may just get the century under my belt, I've almost forgotten about it so will need to get it in this weekend.
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