Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let the asphalt commence

I finally bought my first road bike. I've been looking and testing for a month or so and finally got this old Bianchi for a steel. Not the prettiest bike out there but its hopefully going to travel with me for many happy miles. This is the before setup photo and can't understand how the guy rode with the seat pointed that far down. Struggled a bit with the handle bar and will need to get a broader one. Other than it being a touch heavy, coming in at a touch over ten kilograms, the bike is a work horse.
Thats my bank balance now completely blown after this and the Epic yearly BIG check. The pockets don't even have loose change so I will be scrapping through with what I have and resorting to begging. I have been looking at building an ecommerce site related to biking and the talks with the new shop seem to be going well. I will hopefully get some graphics going although this is all mostly new to me. Anyone wanting to see some serious bike work and something I hope we will be seeing a regular issue of, XXC.
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