Friday, August 6, 2010

Aarie van Fliet

Arie van Vliet
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Sometimes finding info on riders using the internet only is difficult. We've become so reliant on Google to do the hard work for us. In this case I don't have much to add to these great photo's of Aarie van Fliet. He was know as the professor as he wore spectacles. At the tender age of twenty he went to the 1936 Olympics and came away with a gold and silver. In the Sprint he was up against the German Toni Merkans who would win the final 2-0. The race was not without controversy as clear contact was made by Merkans in the first race but rather than disqualify him he was fined 100 marks. Merkans would be one of the unlucky ones in war and lost his life of the eastern front against the Russians.

Arie van Vliet
He would win the Kilo in an impressive 1:12:00. This was just the start of a very impressive career and he would be Dutch champion 14 times. He broke the TT record 4 times so was not stranger to speed and success. He was world champion in 1936, 1948 and 1953, in the same year he would also be voted as sportsman of the year.
Arie van Vliet

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