Friday, August 13, 2010

Kuiper at Chaam

After getting in touch through Flickr with the son of Hennie Kuiper he has gracefully allowed me to post photo's of his dad. I love the racing from back then, when racing was hard and riders were required to do alot of it without crying. After theTour I was looking into the Post Tour Crit's that take place in Europe. I found a few photo's and its great how the fans get to see the riders promanading around the streets. Might be more worthwhile to visit these for a week some time in the future. Well these are of exactly such a crit with a series of Mr Kuiper doing a quick tire change.

via Kuiper
This was the 1975 race where he had finished 11th in the Tour. He was Dutch national champion and would actually go on that year to win the World Champ's so all in all a very good year for the Dutch rider.

via Kuiper
This was his first and last year at Frisol. He would move onto TI-Raleigh for the next few years. I will hopefully be bring more photo's and stories in the future of this legend.

via Kuiper
The photo's are all from Hennie Kuipers flick site. Please take a look at this awesome collection of cycling history, the photo's themselves were taken by the great Cor Vos. Any information on this post or any stories you would like to share can be sent to me. Don't be shy, lets share the history of our great sport
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