Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brothers Buysse

The 1926 Tour de France was another dominated by the Belgians. Seems during the time what racing was hard that the men from the North came to the fore. The youngest of the three Buysse brothers, Jules, won the opening stage. The other Belgian outside the family to wear the yellow jersey was Gustave Van Slembrouck who held on as the opening stages ended in bunch sprints before heading to the hills. Most amazing about the win from Lucien Buysse was the fact that he found out of his daughters death on the third stage but would carry on to win. The picture shows Odile Tailleu trudging up the mighty Tourmalet where the race really got started, he would finish outside the top ten but being Belgian celebrated with the 15 other Belgians who made up the top twenty. Only five of the seventeen stages were pciked off by non Belgians, four of those from Nicolas Frantz from Luxembourg. This was probably one of the worst Tours where not a single Frenchman won even a stage.
Odile Tailleu, Bayonne - Luchon
Photo's from L'Equippe and info from wiki

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