Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tour de Team Time Trial

Due to the boring flat stages and probably utter dominance of the Belgians the previous year, Henri Desgrange decided that a team time trial format for all flat stages would fix the problem for the 1927 Tour. The race did not improve but all those that love team time trials today would have been in heaven as sixteen of the twenty four stages were in the team time trial format with teams leaving in fifteen minute intervals.
Fernand Moulet, Bayonne - Luchon
I love the Tour just for its versatility and this team time trial approach is no different. It seems that it effected the riders judgment as they lost track of Michele Gordini who got up to 45 minutes ahead of the peloton before they realized he was away on the first mountain stage. Mechanical's payed rest to his efforts and ended up 24th overall at the end of the race.

Photo's from L'Equippe and info from wiki

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